Explore the Lakes of Lassen Volcanic National Park & the Northern Sierra

Lassen Volcanic National Park is home to amazing landscapes and some of the finest Sierra Mountain Lakes. From the Popular Manzanita Lake on the Northern edge and right off the hwy to the Snag Lake buried deep into the Lassen Wilderness Area to the east visitors and explorers alike will find clean clear waters & a variety of surrounding terrain features.

Below are sample of the lakes you will find in Lassen Volcanic national park on your next visit.

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Lassen Volcanic National Park provides great access points and day hikes for a day at the lake. Because it is the least visited National Park in the Sierra, it is likely on some visits and depending on the lake you choose you may have the entire lake to yourself.

Fishing Lassen Volcanic National Park Lakes

Butte Lake, Snag Lake, and Horseshoe Lake are all popular fishing destinations in the park with populations of rainbow, brown, and brook trout. Kings Creek and Grassy Swale Creek both have populations of brook trout as well. The most popular fishing lake in the park, however, is Manzanita Lake. This lake holds a fair number of rainbow and brown trout and is rated as a blue ribbon fly fishery by the state of California Department of Fish and Game. It is managed as a catch and release fishery with only single barbless hooks allowed. No bait such as worms, salmon eggs or powerbait may be used. This lake is nationally known for its fly fishing opportunities.

Camping by Lassen Volcanic National Park Lakes

Many of the Lassen Lakes also have camping available: This chart is provided by The Lassen Volcanic Nation Park. Click here – Lassen Campgrounds to see current status on each site.

Campground Dates
Status Elev. No. Sites Fee Features Notes
Butte Lake 6/5-10/27 6100′ 101
$16 / $10*
$20 / $15
A, F, V, W, B, RV, R
Rough gravel road
Crags Closed 5700′ Crags is closed to public camping read more
Juniper Lake 6/26-10/13 6800′ 18 $10
V, B, N Rough gravel road; trailers not advised. When open, dry camping only (no potable water).
Manzanita Lake 5/22-snow closure 5900′ 179
$18 / $10*
$24 / $15
A, F, V, W, B, RV, S/L/S, DS, R Pull-through RV sites available;
No water or dump station after 10/12/15
Summit Lake North 6/26-9/15 6700′ 46


A, F, W, B, RV, R
Summit Lake South 6/26-9/29   6700′ 48 $16 / $10*
$20 /$15
V, W, B, RV, R
Southwest Walk-in ** All year 6700′ 20 $14/$10*
$16 / $10
F, V, W, N Campground restrooms close 10/14/15
Warner Valley 6/12-10/14 5600′ 18
$14 / $10*
$16 / $12
V, W, RV, N Rough gravel road; trailers not advised
Group Campsites
Butte Lake 6/5 – 9/15 6100′ 6
V, W, B, RV, RR Six groups sites are in B loop
Lost Creek 6/12-9/22 5900′ 8
V, W, RV, RR
Manzanita Lake 5/22 – 6/26 and 9/8 – 10/13 5900′ 5 $50
F, V, W, B, RV, S/L/S, DS, RR
Juniper Lake 6/26-10/13 6800′ 2 $30 V, B, RR
Stock Corrals
Butte Lake 6/5-9/15 6100′ 1 $35 RV, B, V, RR
Juniper Lake 6/26-10/13 6792′ 1 $28 B, V, RR Dry camping only (no potable water)
Summit Lake 6/26-9/15 6995′ 1 $35 RV, B, V, RR