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Lassen Volcanic National Park

Lassen Volcanic National Park – One of the least visited National Parks in the United States, it is home to the largest plug dommed volcano in the world.

Lassen Volcanic National Park is home to steaming fumaroles, meadows freckled with wildflowers, clear mountain lakes, and numerous volcanoes. Jagged peaks tell the story of its eruptive past while hot water continues to shape the land. Lassen Volcanic offers opportunities to discover the wonder and mysteries of volcanoes and hot water for visitors willing to explore the undiscovered.

Although Lassen is primarily known for its volcanic geology, the park boasts a rich diversity of plant and animal life. Over 700 flowering plant species grace the park, providing shelter and food for 250 vertebrates as well as a host of invertebrates including insects. This great diversity of life forms is due to two factors: the geographic location of the park and the abundance of habitats that occur there. Situated at the southern end of the Cascade Range geologic province, Lassen Volcanic National Park lies at the crossroads of three great biological provinces: the Cascades range to the north, the Sierra Nevada mountains to the south and the Great Basin desert to the east. The myriad habitats of Lassen Volcanic National Park are produced by variations in environmental conditions such as elevation (5,000 to 10,457 feet), moisture (precipitation is greater on the western than the eastern side of the park), substrate (rock type and soil depth), temperature, insolation (amount of sun) and prior disturbance (both natural and human-caused).

Bumpass Hell lassen Volcanic national park

Campground Dates
Status Elev. No. Sites Fee Features Notes
Butte Lake *6/10-10/25 Closed 6100′ 101
$20 / $15*
A, F, V, W, B, RV, R
Rough gravel road
*Dry Camping after 9/13
Volcano Adventure Camp *8/7 – 10/11 Closed 5700′ *Crags is now Volcano Adventure Camp
ribbon cutting on 8/6
Juniper Lake 7/1-10/11 Closed 6800′ 18 $12 V, B, N Rough gravel road; trailers not advised. When open, dry camping only (no potable water).
Manzanita Lake *5/27-snow closure Closed 5900′ 179
$24 / $15*
A, F, V, W, B, RV, S/L/S, DS, R Pull-through RV sites available;
*No water or dump station after 10/18/16
Summit Lake North 7/1-9/13 Closed 6700′ 46
A, F, W, B, RV, R
Summit Lake South *7/1-9/27 Closed 6700′ 48 $20 / $15* V, W, B, RV, R *Dry camping after 9/13
Southwest Walk-in ** All year Open 6700′ 20 $16/$10* F, V, W, N Campground restrooms close mid-October
Warner Valley 6/3-10/11 Closed 5600′ 18
$16 / $12*
V, W, RV, N Rough gravel road; trailers not advised
Group Campsites
Butte Lake 6/10 – 9/13 Closed 6100′ 6
V, W, B, RV, RR Six groups sites are in B loop
Lost Creek *6/17-9/20 Closed 5900′ 8
V, W, RV, RR *Closed 8/2 – 8/9 for special event
Manzanita Lake 5/27 – 7/1 and 9/6 – 10/18 Closed 5900′ 5 $70/$40* F, V, W, B, RV, S/L/S, DS, RR *Dry camping after 10/18/16
Juniper Lake 7/1-10/11 Closed 6800′ 2 $30 V, B, RR
Stock Corrals
Butte Lake 6/10-9/13 Closed 6100′ 1 $35 RV, B, V, RR
Juniper Lake 7/1-10/11 Closed 6792′ 1 $28 B, V, RR Dry camping only (no potable water)
Summit Lake 7/1-9/13 Closed 6995′ 1 $35 RV, B, V, RR
Trail Difficulty Miles (RT)
PCT 18.3
Southwest Area
Bumpass Hell ** 3.0
Brokeoff Mountain *** 7.0
Cold Boiling and Crumbaugh Lakes ** 2.6
Kings Creek Falls ** 3.0
Sifford Lakes **
Lassen Peak *** 5.0
Mill Creek Falls ** 3.8
Ridge Lakes *** 2.0
Terrace, Shadow, and Cliff Lakes ** 4.0
Northwest Area
Summit Lake to Cluster/Twin Lakes Loop ** 11
Crags Lake ** 4.2
Devastated Area Interpretive Loop * 0.25
Echo Lake ** 4.4
Lily Pond Nature Trail Loop * .5
Hat Lake toParadise Meadow ** 2.8
Manzanita Creek ** 7.0
Manzanita Lake * 1.8
Nobles Emigrant Trail *
Butte Lake Area See bear advisory above
Bathtub Lake Loop ** 0.8
Cinder Cone **(*) 4.0
Prospect Peak *** 6.6
Butte Lake to Widow Lake 4.5
Snag Lake Loop 13
Warner Valley and Juniper Lake Areas See bear advisory above
Boiling Springs Lake ** 3.0
Devils Kitchen ** 4.4
Drake Lake ** 4
Dream Lake Basin * 1
Terminal Geyser ** 5.8
Horseshoe Lake * 2.8
Inspiration Point ** 1.4
Mount Harkness ** 3.8


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