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Category: Product Reviews

The New Montem Diadema 18L Daypack Is A Light and Easy Day Trip Essential

Google+ Twitter Pinterest Facebook LinkedIn Diadema 18L Day Pack  Provides Quick Access and Easy Packing Sierra Rec Magazine – Product Review, March 2018 – While playing in the Sierra this year has been less than desirable as far as the snowfall accumulation we have seen, the one undeniable fact is we have had great weather for getting outdoors and exploring.  For me, that meant the time to get out often and along the way try out some new gear for the upcoming hiking season.  I am looking for a lighter pack that also has the capacity to hold more...

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Partnering with Under Armour – Get 40% off Under Armour Fleece plus Free Shipping

Google+ Twitter Pinterest Facebook LinkedIn Ok , I for one am #optoutside today, but will be taking advantage of the partnership we have with Under Armour to get 40% off Fleece Pullovers plus Free Shipping. 40% Off Select Armour Fleece + Free Shipping Love being able to go outside and explore today plus get Christmas gifts sent to my home for Free. Happy Thanksgiving Weekend.  Get out and Explore today.   Google+ Twitter Pinterest Facebook...

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A Perfect Christmas Gift To Protect Your Sierra Explorer

Google+ Twitter Pinterest Facebook LinkedIn Haeleum Active Gear Helps Fight Off Mosquitos, Sun and Temperature in Pursuit to Protect All outdoors Explorers Sierra Rec Magazine Product Review- November 2017 – As the holidays approach and you start to look for a great gift idea for your explorers in the family, look to Haeleum Active Gear to protect your explorers from pesky mosquitos and provide an excellent layer for the constantly changing Sierra weather. Do you recall the early spring/summer hikes in the Sierra last year. The mosquito bloom was terrifying in places. So when I was given the chance to try out...

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Bring The Groove To Your Next Lake Tahoe Beach Party Or Sierra Campout With Ramp Shot

Google+ Twitter Pinterest Facebook LinkedIn Challenge Your Friends To A Little Ramp Shot Battle on Your Next Outing Sierra Rec Magazine – Product Review –  We have got a new game to challenge you and your friends as we enter the second summer season in Lake Tahoe. Check out the Ramp Shot, a new game that which is just now making it out West, that will drive your competitive spirit and be sure to add a little laughter to your next beach outing or campfire game play. I am one of those guys who always brings a game for the...

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The Lace Locker Delivers On the Trail

Google+ Twitter Pinterest Facebook LinkedIn Lace Locker – The Next Flugel-binder Dream Becomes Reality Sierra Rec Magazine – Product Review 2017 –  In  The 1988 Movie Cocktail, Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Shoe introduce us to the famous line that has driven entrepreneurs for over two decades now. ” Hey, your Flugel-binder is out there waiting to be discovered”. Well, we are here today to exclaim that another of the world’s problems have been solved with the Lace Locker. And I for one am sitting here thinking about the Flugel-binder! The Lace locker showed up at the office and at first glance,...

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Battling Fatigue And The Energy To Explore? RKMD OGF To The Rescue

Google+ Twitter Pinterest Facebook LinkedIn Anti-Aging Formula Enhances vitality and increase energy as it battles and fights for your immune system restoring energy Sierra Rec Magazine Product Review, June 2017 – Are you looking for a way to increase energy and get a jump start of your adventures?  At the age of 47 it is difficult to believe that my body needs extra support to maintain the vitality and energy I’m used to in exploring the mountains or doing my daily routine. However, like many like me, it is just a part of life I guess that eventually, be...

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Never Carrying A Leash Again

Google+ Twitter Pinterest Facebook LinkedIn New Release n’ Run Collar Frees Pet Owners and Pets From The Burden of Leash Sierra Rec Magazine – Product Review – May 2017 –  We have two labs who love to play in the tall grass of the meadows, run the trails and chase rabbits in the desert behind our house.  But like many dog owners, we are alway balancing the need for a leash around others and in areas where safety for the dogs and wildlife is a concern. If you are like me finding the clip on the leash always seems to...

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Google+ Twitter Pinterest Facebook LinkedIn Rain or Shine the Rom Outdoors Adventure Bag Adds Utility Function to My Daily Adventures Sierarecmagazine Product Review 2017 – The Sierra has had an epic winter in 2017 and as we start into a late spring recreation season continued moisture in the form of rain has already shown itself weekly on my adventures. This is why I am thrilled to share with you today a new bag I added to my day trip adventures which added great utility features including a new way to stay dry while tromping on a rain-soaked trail.  The ROM...

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