Margaret Lake

A very popular destination for day hiking and beginner backpacking experiences off HWY 88 near Kirkwood and Caple Lake, Margaret Lake is another great Sierra Hiking lake.

Margaret Lake is popular for afternoon swimming, fishing and camping in the Central Sierra.  The Hike itself features just about every Sierra climate and Foilage. Meadows with River Crossings, Granite Rock Croppings to traverse, lush Forest and shade, and even a little stretch that is almost tropical in nature with very lush growth of plants and flowers right off the trail.

Margaret Lake is not overly large. You can probably walk around the lake in less than 30 minutes. The rock cropping around the lake, scream to be climbed and allow you to get up above the lake for a great view.  The Backside of the lake provides a view and access to more National Forest Land and great views of Thunder Mountain at Kirkwood or Castle Peak Just West of Kirkwood.


Sierra Location: Kirkwood Ca  of HWY 88.

Difficulty:  Easy/Moderate – Terrain is mix of flat and small climbs across granite rock croppings

Distance: Approx. 2.5 miles one way

Dog and Horse Friendly.  Beginner Backpacking experience.