Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp – A Day Hike Experience

Yosemite National Park – Day hikes out of Tuolumne Meadows

Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp is typically known for its backpacking experience in Yosemite National Park.  The High Sierra Camp is a group of Tent Huts that house guests in Yosemite by Reservations only, providing shelter, food and base camp opportunities for exploring deeper into Yosemite.

However , We recently tried the Glen Aulin day hike version out of Tuolomne Meadows and would add this to a short list of must do day hikes in Yosemite National Park.

Day Hiking to Glen Aulin is all about the river and waterfalls along the trail, mixed with stunning vista views of both Tuolumne Meadow but also of the high Sierra Back Country beyond Glen Aulin camp.

The Trail starts at the Lembert Dome Parking area East of Tuolumne Meadows.

Trail will take you past Soda Springs and along the river across a rocky trail and granite slabs for first 4 miles. Plenty of shade and mosquito spray recommended.

Trail will reach a vista point where the river will turn downhill  and you will hear cascades starting to develop.  This is a great vista point of the backcountry.

The next 2 miles are all downhill with multiple water features to enjoy.

Crossing over the Tuolumne via bridge you will see your first set of cascades that are worth stopping and enjoying.

Next, you will hit Tuolumne Falls, A great waterfall by itself in Yosemite, features a layered waterfall with several prominent rocks pushing water in various directions.

Finally, on this hike version, you will hit White Cascade which is set at the base Camp of Glen Aulin high Sierra Camp.  White Cascade is beautiful and features a very cold pool of water that can be swam in depending on water flow for the season.


  • Reminder this is a 13 + mile hike bring lots of water
  • Mosquito spray for around the meadow is a must
  • Swimming in the Tuolumne River can be dangerous, cold water and swift currents, lead to people each year getting in trouble and needing rescued.
  • Hike out, from Glen Aulin is a bit harder on a day hike, because you are not as rested. Hiking books and poles recommended.