Glen Alpine Trailhead Gives Historic Access to Desolation Wilderness

Desolation Wilderness Trails – Glen alpine trailhead is located at Lilly Lake approx a mile behind Fallen Leaf lake. The Trailhead is a paved parking that gives visitors direct access via rock road to the Historic Glen Alpine Spring Resort.

Desolation Wilderness Access from this trailhead includes direct rail access to the Gilmore Lake, Half Moon Lake, Susie Lake, grass Lake, Heather Lake as well as the PCT which runs the length of Desolation Wilderness.

Most hikes along this trail are rated moderate, the trail is very rocky and is typically climbing most of the way to your destination.

Lakes to visit via day hike or Lake Tahoe backpacking trip:

Glen Alpine to:Grass Lake2.3Easy/Moderate
 Susie Lake3.8Moderate
 Heather Lake4.9Moderate
 Half Moon Lake5.5Moderate
 Gilmore Lake3.9Moderate
 Lake Aloha5.8Difficult
 Dicks Pass5.4Difficult
 Dicks Lake7.3Difficult
 Mt. Tallac Peak5.7Difficult

Grass Lake – 2.3 miles

Gilmore Lake – 3.9 Miles

Susie Lake – 3.8 Miles

Half Moon Lake – 5.5 Miles

Heather Lake – 4.9 miles

Also hikers and Backpackers use this trail to access Mt Tallac, Dicks Pass or Lake Aloha