Ropi Lake

Ropi Lake ~ Desolation Wilderness

A great day hike or evening backpack location near Lake Tahoe.

Ropi Lake is not the first location people mention when traveling into the Desolation Wilderness. But, don’t let that stop you from discovering one of the finest High Sierra Locations on your next REC trip.

Ropi Lake is located at the top of Horsetail falls, just off HWY 50 and approximately a mile past the top the waterfall. Many first time visitors are unaware of the chain of lakes that start at the waterfall and stretch back as far as Lake Aloha, one of the most visited lakes in Desolation wilderness.  Ropi lake sits in the middle of these lakes, an easy hike back past Avalanche Lake and Pitt Lake if hikers are coming from HWY 50.

Pitt Lake ~ Desolation wilderness

Pitt Lake ~ Desolation Wilderness – A pleasant Location for a quick snack

Avalanche Lake ~ Desolation wilderness

Flowing Directly into Horsetail Falls, Spectacular color

Ropi Lake is feed from the Snowmelt from the surrounding granite cliffs and Pyramid Peak. Plus continuation, of Pyramid Creek which runs out of Lake Aloha through Desolation Lake and down to Ropi in another classic Sierra Cascade.

There are several Backpacker camp spots around the lake and the Lake has remanents of old dams on the south side of the lake.Ropi Shore Lines

Ropi Lake is also a great Mountain Lake for catching Brook trout. Here is Complete Fishing run down for Lake near Ropi on Desolation trail

Fishing off the Echo Lake and Ralston Trails: There are five lakes and one creek to consider. These areas can be accessed by either trailhead. If you take the Echo Lake trailhead you can take the water taxi and save 3 miles. Echo Trailhead starts at 7400 feet.
Tamarack Lake: 3.5 miles from Trailhead, 7820 feet. Brookies up to 17″. This lake is planned to be gillnetted by DFG under the Yellow-legged Frog Restoration Program.
Ralston Lake: 4 miles from Trailhead, 7800 feet. Brookies.This lake is planned to be gillnetted by DFG under the Yellow-legged Frog Restoration Program.
Lake of the Woods: 5 miles from Trailhead, 8060 feet. Brookies and Rainbows up to 17″.
Ropi Lake: 7 miles from Trailhead, 7600 feet. Brookies.
Lake Aloha: 6 miles from Trailhead, 8100 feet. Brookies and Rainbows.
Clyde Lake: 9 miles from Trailhead, 8200 feet. Headwaters of Rubicon River. Goldens.
Pyramid Creek: 5 miles of Freestone Creek below Lake of the Woods. Rainbows and Brookies.

Ropi Lake can be accessed either via the Echo Lake Trail ( Approx. 7 miles) about 1 mile South of Aloha Lake or as we like to access it, off HWY 50 at the Pyramid Creek Trailhead at Twin Bridges. This is a 6 mile (advanced hike) with 1900 feet elevation change as you climb up Horsetail Falls.




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