Desolation Wilderness Lakes- Toem Lake  is located in he Southern Section of Desolation wilderness directly below Pyramid Peak.  But as luck may have it, it is over shadowed by its neighbor Ropi Lake. As a matter of fact if you have visited Ropi Lake before and Stared tot he north wall of the mountain you actually are not looking at the shores of Ropi any longer but of Toem Lake. Separated by a narrow creek, which in early season is flooded over and actually joins the two Lakes, Toem is a small waterfall feed lake at the base of the mountain.

Crystal Blue waters with a small island rock cropping similar to the features of Lake Aloha that most Desolation Visitors love.

Toem Lake is not the easiest of lakes to reach, as the preferred routes are either off HWY 50 and Hiking up and over Horsetail Falls then hiking approx. and another mile to Ropi Lake and then around its Southshore till you Reach both Toem and Osma Lakes.  If you happen to have hikes to Pyramid Lake out of Lake Aloha, Continue South to reach Toem.

Backpacking and Fishing are viable at Toem.  Toem is reachable as a day hike from Horsetail Falls or a longer day hike from Echo Lake though the Lake of the Woods to Ropi trail.  However once you each Ropi the rail is in and out of canyons and takes much longer to hike than you would expect just looking across Ropi Lake.